Blantek Mask Dance

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As well known to other Batavia arts as lenong or gambang kromong. Blantek mask was already present in the midst of Batavia society long before traditional Batavia art exist. such as gambang kromong, lenong and others known to the public, mask blantek already present in the midst of Betawi society.

The origin of the name of this art comes from two syllables, namely mask and blantek. The term mask comes from Chinese in the Ming Dynasty. The word origin mask of to and peng. To means a sandi, and peng means wara, so that when translated means plays. While the word blantek there are several opinions. Some say comes from the music that accompanies it, that is one biggest rebana , two tambourines and one kecrek that produces the sound, blang blek crek. However, because the local tongue wants an easy mention of the term blantek appear.

Characteristic of blantek mask art that there are 3 pieces of sundung (timber strung in the form of triangle commonly used to bear vegetables, grass and so forth). Sundung-sundung is placed on stage as a barrier between the players who are performing, with panjak and music, and with other players who have not be able to turn on the stage. The other device is a torch that is placed in the middle of the stage.

Betawi is very rich in art and culture. However, not all Betawi arts are widely known to the public, including blantek mask art

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