Biji Ketapang Cookies

One of Betawi cookies that is always present during Eid is biji ketapang cookies.
For People of betawi, Eid is not complete without it. This cookies it's very famous and is still favorite cookies for treats in Eid and other special moments.

Ketapang is one type of plant that many found and grow in coastal area and used to grow a lot in the roadside of Jakarta. When ketapang tree scattered on the road and often to eat seeds. The tasty is crunchy that’s why called kue ketapang cookies.

This cookies made with fried way is tasty because combination of grated coconut, coconut milk and other materials, such as wheat flour, margarin and eggs. With the process of making so easy in relatively short. No wonder when on a festival or a particullar event this cookies is available.
Let's try !

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