Ape Kue
In modern times, people are still looking for a lot traditional pastries. Like the Ape Kue that is still much-loved from various circles. Starting from small children to adults. It feels simple and makes miss the reason many people are still looking for it and still easy to find.
Ape Kue is a typical snack Betawi. The texture is soft in the middle as well as crisp and crunchy at the edges. The smell of pandanus that makes the cake ape more interesting taste. 
The process of making ape is not really difficult. The materials used are also fairly simple.
Ape baking dough The ingredients include flour, pandan, vanilla, coconut milk and sugar mixed with water to produce liquid dough. This liquid dough is then stored in a container, and then ready to print with ape cake mold.
Let’s try it !