Egg Crust
Typical food of Jakarta this one is familiar especially for Betawi society. The name is Kerak Telor. Egg crust is made from materials such as sticky rice, grated coconut, egg, ebi shrimp, onion, kencur and ginger. To make the Egg Crust  don’t use stove, but brazier and charcoal. Cook with this brazier is used to maintain the distinctive taste of a tasty and legit egg crust.

Although there are a lot of fast food that is present in Jakarta, the egg crust remains one of Jakarta's favorite food. This is evidenced every time there are big events in Jakarta such as Jakarta Fair, the egg crust is always selling well to the guests who attend the meal there. For those who never eaten the egg crust should try it, tasted and delicious.
Don’t forget to try.