Cendol Ice
Es Cendol is a familiar in Indonesian People turned out to save  a history. 
Cendol was Popular in Southeast Asia include Indonesia. This is because the basic ingredients of Es Cendol  derived from rice flour. Since most of the Southeast Asian Country like Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia are easy to produce rice. Especially for Indonesia which is an  Agrarians country. 
Every country has its own uniqueness of their Cendol display. For Batavian People, Cendol also well known as beverage. It Made from Rice Flour served with shave ice and coconut mik gravy. Make it became popular to serve in the hot weather.
Although, Sundanese found this beverage, Cendol is also very popular and become a drink preferred  by  Jakarta resident. So, Batavia people adopt Cendol taste  as a favorite beverage . 
You can find this fresh beverages on the street food stall even as luxury restaurant also serve them.
Cendol is usually served as a dessert and suitable to eat with your family.  
You don't need to spend a lot of money to try this beverage.     
Although, Es Cendol as delicious beverage it stil make you frugal. 
If You Curious, Just Try it !