Batavian Dodol

One of the popular Batavian cake is dodol or taffy. Dodol is made from glutinous rice flour (black or white) that is mixed with coconut milk and cooked with sugar for a few hours. Before cooked “gegetuk” thick coconut milk that is cooked until become oil and have good scent.

Any addition flavor  of Dodol can be given from durian or Ambon banana. Dodol often made to celebrate Lebaran day or for Seserahan “ bawa duit”. The other name of Dodol is cocky cookie. It because only people who have much money able to make it. While the dodol is still soft, it can be eaten with coffee. If dodol already hard, it could be fried with flour. The Hard dodol usually known as butimal cake. 

There are some areas  still produce dodol Betawi, especially around Jakarta  , such as Condet, East Jakarta, Bogor and Bekasi. Beside  Betawi people, dodol  also made by the Tionghoa community.