Taman Kota Waduk Pluit

This park has a distinctive view of the Pluit Dam with a panoramic view of the terraced building from a distance. With shady trees, landscape reservoirs, as well as green grasses make this park more favorable.

Pluit Reservoir Park also provides a jogging track that is comfortable enough to use. Many also visitors who exercise in this park. In addition to the jogging track, there are also other sports facilities such as outdoor gym and basketball court. So in addition to picnic, this park is also used for sports activities.

Pluit Reservoir Park is located at Jalan Pluit Timur Raya, Kecamatan Penjaringan, North Jakarta. For those of you who want to visit using public transportation, can ride TransJakarta Bus and get off at Pluit Stop. From Pluit Stop, please walk eastward about 500 meters and arrive at Pluit Reservoir Park.

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