Sate Ayam & Kambing RSPP

Chicken and goat satay which is managed by Haji Romli and Pak Muri is really steady on the tongue. Although many visitors, but the way of processing remains traditional. All the sate is burned with a manual fan alias use the hands of people, not with a fan. This is actually the weapon why satenya tasted good. The reason, all the spices will be perfect and the meat is burned evenly because the coals remain constantly lit when fanned with a fan made of bamboo. When considered carefully, which is so typical of the satay here is a piece of meat that is adjoined to the skin fat. This is what makes the fat melt to the entire surface of the satay. On the tongue tastes soft, tender, and tasty. Just choose the marinade whether embedded in sweet soy sauce or peanut seasoning. While the level kepedasannya can be set depending on taste.