Kwetiaw Akang

kwetiaw akang
"It must be Kwetiaw Akang well!" On average, people comment if we display photo of kwetiaw food in Path, Facebook, or even picture profile picture. Naturally considering the location of culinary in the area of Mangga Besar, West Jakarta, this is famous world wide. From the name alone guess if the flagship menu is kwetiaw. But there are also other menu other kinds of rice flavor that typical taste and aroma. The food is identical with the ethnic Hokkian is in accordance with the tongue of people here. This dining place could be an option if you're in the middle of tasting Chinese food. Kwetiaw which is a kind of white noodle made from rice is cooked berkuah. Well, that makes Kwetiaw Akang is more special again because not just use beef. This food is also mixed with crab meat so it tastes savory sedep.