Kedai Sandwich Bakar

kedai kopi sandwich
The choice of hanging out while nguyah is Bakar Bakery Stall. Located in Pesanggrahan area, South Jakarta, this culinary location is also never empty. Moreover, there is free WiFi hotspot facility to make visitors more comfortable here. As the name of the main selling is a sandwich with varied content. Suitable really for those looking for a filling meal alternative other than rice. His favorite menu is grilled sandwiches of smoked beef and tuna crispy. In addition there is also a version of corned beef, chicken teriyaki, chicken black pepper. Still less? Can choose the use of peanut butter or chocolate. The fun of eating here is the selection of sandwich sizes. So again diet or food tightening program can choose the smallest berukurang. Different cases if the intention to really eat can grab a large ukurang option. The tavern open until midnight also offers a menu other than sandwiches. Call it steak, pasta, and so forth. Make a budget stop here enough Rp 100 thousand. That is still there change.