Asinan Betawi di Gerobak Mpok Yenni

Asinan Betawi 04Asinan Betawi

This legendary Betawi food is most suitable to eat during the day. The pickles with stuffed sprouts, cabbage, cucumber, lettuce and white tofu are very fresh. The sprinkling of noodle and peanut crackers adds to the spicy sauce. Suegaar!
This typical Jakarta food is one of the Betawi heritage that still exists to this day. Cut vegetables sprinkled with spicy sauce is perfect to eat during the hot afternoon. For those of you who live in the area of ​​South Jakarta must taste the pickled betawi Ibu Yenni.
Betawi pickle blend usually contains cucumber slices, tofu pieces, sliced ​​cabbage and bean sprouts. Some are wearing chives and chicory pieces. Sauce in the form of red sugar sauce, palm vinegar and chili. Some wear peanut sauce. The addition of noodle and peanut crackers. In addition to sold around with a cart, there is also a mangkal.
On this glass painted green pickled wagon with the words "ASINAN BETAWI IBU YENNI". Simple place does not dampen visitors to stop and taste the pickled. In front of the shop there are several benches provided for customers if you want to enjoy pickles here.
A variety of vegetables are placed in a basin, and still very fresh. Smoothly sliced ​​white colas, bean sprouts, cucumber slices, lettuce leaves and white tofu pieces that look soft to the texture. Everything is prepared in a concave dish.
The portion of pickled mpok Yenni is not too big. Equipped with noodle chips, red kanji crackers, fried peanuts and sauce if you want more spicy. Chocolate sauce slightly reddish and watered.
Sluuurp .. when about the tongue immediately felt sour, sweet, spicy very refreshing.
The vegetables are also very fresh and crunchy. Apparently the stock of vegetable slices is not much so always sliced ​​new ones so it feels very fresh. Interspersed with krenyes-krenyes crackers and fried beans, it feels more and more steady. Moreover, the crackers are slightly mushy soaked gravy.
Tofu white diced is equally delicious. The texture is soft and smooth. Although no added salmon and chives sauce, pickled is quite fresh and filling. Also fun for a snack or just an appetizer before a heavy lunch.
If you want to bring home do not worry waiting long because the seller has prepared pickles in the package. Noodle crackers and red crackers packed large plastic and tightly bound so that the crispness is maintained.