Tanjung Elang Berseri Participate 10 Programs of Gebyar RPTRA

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Tanjung Elang Berseri RPTRA, Pramuka Island, Panggang Island Urban Village, Seribu Utara, participated 10 programs that will be assessed by BPMPKB monitoring team.

“Amiterdam RPTRA only participates futsal province competition. The other 10 items are participated by Tanjung Elang RPTRA,” said Darwoto, Seribu Island Head of KPMPKB, Thursday (12/1).

The 11 items are RPTRA management performance, story telling, elder gym, drawing, creation dancing, health toddler, lego playing, qasidah, and futsal.

“We do not aim to find the winner, but how RPTRA to become center of society empowerment for all age,” he closed.

Reported by Suparni | Translated by Rizky Mawardi

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