10 RPTRAs in East Jakarta Will Be in Competition

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The East Jakarta Community, Women as well as Library and City Archieve (KPAK) is about to hold a competition among RPTRAs. Various categoried will enliven 10 RPTRAs in East Jakarta.

Head of East Jakarta KPAK, Fadlan Zurhan disclosed there are 12 RPTRAs in his region, yet only 10 participated. The competition itself will be held on November 28-December 2, 2016. 

"10 RPTRAs will be participated in the competition on the upcoming Monday. The winner will compete at City level," he stated, Saturday (11/26).

He assessed types of competition that will be held are RPTRA performance, healthy toddler, Maumere Gymnastic, Marawis Dance, Coloring, storytelling, Lego and futsal.

Those 10 RPTRA are Dahlia and Cililitan in Kramat Jati, Cibesut and Cibesel in Jatinegara, Pulogebang Indah, Penggilingan, Jatinegara, Griya Tipar Cakung in Cakung.

There are also Kebon Pala Berseri in Makasar and Utakara Beriman in Matraman. While two other are not participated, namely Ikapola Pondok Kelapa, Duren Sawit and Kaliandra in Bambu Apus, because both were inaugurated a few days ago. 

The judge teams of the competition are from Health Sub-dept, Sport and Youth Sub-dept, KPAK, Education Sub-dept Region 1 and 2, etc.

Reported by Nurito | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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