Next Year, Traditional Market Built in Seribu Islands

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Jakarta Provincial Government plans to build a traditional market in Seribu Islands next year. Thus far, study to determine the ideal location is still being conducted in such islands.

Head of Jakarta Economic Bureau, Sri Haryati disclosed, until now, Seribu Islands is an area which does not have a market. On that basis, her party plans to build a market in one of the islands in the region.

"The point is Seribu Islands residents are Jakartans also and have the same right," he stated, Saturday (11/19).

She explains the market project will be handed over to PD Pasar Jaya. As planned, the market will be built in January or February 2017.

"The project location It is still being studied. Because there are 11 inhabited islands. Thus the problem of distances should also be considered," she disclosed.

She told, one of the islands that being studied for the market is Pramuka Island because it is deemed appropriate in terms of location and population density.

"For Panggang Island, is very dense by residents. So we choose Pramuka Island," Haryati closed.

Reported by Erna Martiyanti | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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