Kelapa Dua Island Will Become Fishery Tourist Center

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Seribu Islands Regency Administration plans to make Kelapa Dua Island as a fishery tourist center. This is because dozens of fish farming groups in cages have begun to develop on the island.

"The harvest of grouper fish here is good enough. We'll try to encourage Kelapa Dua as fishery tourist center," said Ismer Harahap, Secretary of Seribu Islands Regency, Saturday (11/19).

According to him, the visitor will be able to feed the fish and buy its fish. And then can directly be cooked with a variety of dishes or recipes.

Meanwhile, Head of Seribu Islands Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Sub-dept, Sutrisno disclosed, not only fishery tourist center, his side will also make the island as grouper fish procurement for Seribu Islands.

"From 28 groups of grouper cultivation, the largest harvest of the grouper fish is Kelapa Dua Island," he finished.

Reported by Suparni | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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