Fishing Competition to Color Seribu Islands' Aniversary

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A milkfish fishing competition is about to enliven the Seribu Islands' 15 anniversary that staged in Lancang Besar Island, Pari Island Urban Village, South Seribu Islands.

"We'll spread 1.5 quintals of milkfish seeds in pond, for fishing competition tomorrow," expressed Sutrisno, Head of Seribu Islands Maritime, Fishery and Food Security Sub-dept, Monday (11/7).

Sutrisno disclosed as many as 60 people consist of SKPD/UKPD leaders have registered. For the participants who get the highest number and weight of fish will be the champion.

"The competition will start at 9-12 AM, the doorprize is prepared from Bank DKI," he told.

Meanwhile, the event is held because Lancang Island would be a milkfish supply center in Jakarta.

Reported by Suparni | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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