Homestay on Untung Jawa Island Verified

The joint team of Seribu Islands Regency Administration has verified hundreds of homestay on Untung Jawa Islands, Thursday (10/20).

A number of related units, starting from PTSP, Environment Office (KLH), Regional Tax Service Unit (UPPD), Satpol PP and Seribu Islands Tourism and Culture Sub-dept.

"The team is sent to examine all homestay which have no license on Untung Jawa Island," said Lamhot Tambunan, Head of Seribu Islands PTSP Office, Thursday (10/20).

Tambunan recorded that there are 50 homestay owners in Seribu Islands. Data collection is the initial step, because most of them have no license or illegal.

"Based on the decree of PTSP Head No. 178/2016, we can execute illegal homestay rental business to be taxed," he disclosed.

His side would issue the Tourism Business List (TDUP) for all homestay owners in the islands.

"Eventually, the owner will get TDUP to pay regional tax," he disclosed.

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