Entertainment Venue Entrepreneurs Don't Give Gratuities to PNS

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The entertainment venue entrepreneurs that spread in Jakarta are appealed not to give gratuities or bribery to civil servant (PNS).

Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Dept, Catur Laswanto disclosed, the appeal was written in the circular letter No. 39/SE/2016 on ban to give something in any form to employee of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Dept, that relates to duty and its post.

"There must be cooperation from the entrepreneur. If they still do illegal levies, report to us," he stated, during socialization in the office of East Jakarta Mayor, Tuesday (10/4).

Socialization is done to anticipate illegal levies potential that involves civil servant in his dept towards entertainment venue entrepreneurs.

He also reminds the entrepreneur to fight the drugs. This is because the place is still prone to such illicit goods.

Reported by Nurito | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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