Not Tap In-Out, Transjakarta Bus Passenger will Be Sanctioned

City Provincial Government will give sanction to Transjakarta bus passengers who not to do tap in-out in the bus stop. The system itself has been trialled at corridor 1 (Blok M-Kota) since August 17 2016.

"We're currently creating several systems, if the passenger not to do tap in-out, they will be sanctioned," disclosed Jakarta Governor, Basuki T Purnama, at City Hall, Friday (9/2).

Basuki explains, tap in and out system is applied to know the passenger trip pattern. Thus his party can provide bus as close as possible to the passenger destination.

"That's why I want to force people to do tap in-out before riding the bus thus we can know where they will go," he expressed.

He continued, it can also be used to calculate the number of bus needs in each routes that passed. Because every route has a number of different passengers.

"This is for the best service. Our bus is varied you know, starting from small until big," he finished.

Reported by Erna Martiyanti | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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