Rusun Festival Becomes Promotional Event

Jakarta Provincial Government once again held 2016 Rusun Festival. This is the second football cup for the flat children aged of 12-16 years old.

This year, it is predicted around 427 out of 22 flats in the capital will participate.

Jakarta Governor, Basuki T Purnama said the festival can increase confidence in children in the flat.

"This is good for confidence of children in the flat. If they are confident in psychology, they can make achievement," he uttered, at City Hall, Thursday (8/11).

Additionally, the festival can also be a promotional event. Considering the winner would fly to Spanyol for footbal training.

"It can be our promotional event from the flat to Spanyol, but there must be achievement from the school," he told.

Head of Jakarta Housing and Government Building Dept, Arifin added Rawa Bebek Flat was not participated in the festival. 

"This is dedicated to children aged of 12-16 years old, where almost 427 children from 22 flats will enliven the festival, except Rawa Bebek Flat," he added.

Such festival will be held this month. And for the club winner, will be flied to Valencia.

Reported by Erna Martiyanti | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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