Independence Must Create Security
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A number of events were held in North Jakarta in commemorating the 71st Independence Day yesterday. People invited to participate it by continuing development for the advancement of Indonesia, especially North Jakarta.

"Independence Day must be interpreted in the spirit of heroism. Let us tolerate each other to create North Jakarta that is safe, clean and orderly," said Wahyu Haryadi, Mayor of North Jakarta, after the ceremony of the 71st Independence Day, at West Plaza, North Jakarta Mayor Office, Wednesday (8/17).

He added, the fighting spirit of the heroes reach the independence need to be followed the next generation.

"Many positive things and beneficial for people who can do from the nation generation to fill independence," disclosed Wahyu.

On that occasion, he handed awards to the outstanding community and stakeholders including, the board of Al Mukarromah Mosque who won first prize contest of Binaul Masjid at North Jakarta level and climate hometown program award to RW 01 Sunter Jaya Urban Village.

Not only that, Adiwiyata Mandiri award given to SMAN 80 Sunter Agung.

Reported by Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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