Breakwater Project Monitoring in Seribu Islands Tightened

The breakwater project monitoring in Seribu Islands must be tightened in order to avoid unwanted things.

"The breakwater construction should be monitored thus we get the qualified results. Considering this is for the long term," expressed Budi Utomo, Regent of Seribu Islands, Saturday (7/30).

He also asks the contractor to make sure the material used according to specifications. Because the breakwater directly tested by natural conditions.

"Its construction must be strengthened and adapted to the tidal wave flow. I think the partnership had experienced in completing about it, so do not just focus on time but also quality," he stated.

The project itself is located in the coastal of Panggang Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands that includes three islands namely Pramuka, Karya and Panggang.

Previously, Friday (7/28), the breakwater in Panggang Island that was under construction suddenly collapsed up to 20 meters by east wind waves that has lasted for the past three days.

Reported by Suparni | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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