95,000 People Recorded Thronged Ancol
The Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Management recorded, the number of visitors on the 71st Independence Day, Wednesday (8/17) is reaching 95,000 people
Ancol Manager Corporate, Rika Lestari disclosed that car that parked inside Ancol reached 10,000 units, motorbike 13,000 units and bus 48 units.
"For visitor group yesterday is reaching 2,000 people. Our target from 11 PM was actually 110,000 people," she said, Thursday (8/18).
She continued, various competition also colored in Ancol, ranging from panjat pinang (pole climbing) on Carnaval Beach.
On Lagoon Beach, there are some competitions such as balap karung (sack race), gebuk bantal (pillow fighting), makan kerupuk (cracker eating) and panjat pinang miring (greasy-ploe climbing).
"No wonder, a lot of people come here to enjoy such competitions," she closed.
Reporter : Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata
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