2016 Flona Held Again, Be There!

The 2016 Flora and Fauna (Flona) is finally back to call the animal lovers. The event itself is staged in Lapangan Benteng, Central Jakarta and has been ongoing since Friday (8/5) until Monday (9/5).

City Secretary, Saefullah disclosed this year's flona is different than the previous year. The difference lies in the large land that given to the city administration to show off its flora and fauna. The land has 1,000 square meters wide than last year's land with 100 square meters wide.

"The difference here is from the exhibition land. City government in five cities and one regency were given exhibition land as wide as 1,000 square meters," he told, Saturday (8/5).

He hopes it is used by SKPD, to be more freely creative shows a collection of fauna and flora from the respective regions to visitors.

Such event also encourages residents to be more loving interest in the environment and plant. His party is proposing to give a massive piece of land and building tax (PBB) for residents whose home is filled with plants and beautiful.

"We will try to propose to set in Governor Regulation. By so, the citizens might be more interested in making his green and lush," he stated.

To get in the event, the visitor does not need to pay or free of charge.

Reported by Suriaman Panjaitan | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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