Condet Festival Held This Weekend

East Jakarta Administration will hold Condet Festival. This Betawinese cultural art performance will be held on July 30-31.

East Jakarta Economy Assistant, Eric Pahlevi Zakaria Lumbun, said the festival is aimed to acknowledge Betawi culture for the citizens.

“Condet Festival is our agenda to preserve Betawi culture,” he said, Tuesday (7/26).

He added that festival management is given to local residents, while East Jakarta administration is only facilitator. This festival has been held twice and will be held routinely every year.

The festival will be held on Saturday (7/30) at 8 AM - 10 PM and Sunday (7/31) at 8 AM - 12 AM.

Performances such as ondel-ondel, drum band, fashion show, reog ponorogo, and so on will enliven the event.

Reported by Nurito | Translated by Rizky Mawardi

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