Car Free Day Will Start Again This Sunday

After Eid holiday ends, the Car Free Day (HBKB) in Jakata will be held again on Sunday (7/17). As usual, it will be staged along Jalan MH Thamrin and Jalan Jenderal Sudirman at 6-11 AM.

Jakarta Transportation Dept Head, Andri Yansyah disclosed, along Eid holiday, the event was absent on July 3-10. But this week, we will hold it again.

"We'll hold car free day this week again," he expressed.

According to him, indeed, the event will be absent during Eid holiday and it has been listed in the agenda. Considering, a lot of people take for homecoming, thus it is not effective.

Reported by Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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