Seribu Islands to Hold Safari Ramadhan

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Seribu Islands Regency Administration will use the fasting moment for silaturahmi (gathering activity) with local citizens through Safari Ramadhan. This is to know and collect public aspiration.

"Safari Ramadhan is an annual event. The event strung with a dialogue with locals, service along with PTSP Sub-dept, as well as cheap bazaar, especially grocery," said Ismer Harahap, Secretary of Seribu Islands Regency, Tuesday (6/7).

For this year, the first safari is slated to be done in Sebira Island, Harapan Island Urban Village, North Seribu Islands, Thursday (6/9). After that, it would move to Pramuka Island as the central government.

Here is the schedule of Safari Ramadhan after Sebira Island, as follows:

1. (June 15), in Lancang Island

2. (June 17), in Harapan Island

3. (June 24), in Untung Jawa Island

4. (July 1), in Pramuka Island

5. (July 5), Panggang Island 

6. (July 6), Eid Prayer in Pramuka Island.

Reporter : Suparni | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

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