School Bus to Serve City Hall Tour from RPTRA

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The School Transport Management Unit (Upas) for Jakarta Transportation Dept, finalizing a shuttle program towards Jakarta City Hall Tour. Every weekend, they serve citizens who want to visit the City Hall from Child-Friendly Integrated Public Space (RPTRA) that has been chosen.

Jakarta Upas Head, Mohammad Insaf disclosed, the shuttle program will be launched in the near future. At this time, his side is coordinating and waiting for a news from the city administration. During Ramadhan, the program remains run as usual.

"We'll shuttle children and its parents from RPTRA heading to the City Hall tour. Talk about schedule, we coordinate with the committee of City Hall," he explained, Wednesday (6/7).

According to him, such program will be imposed every weekend. Thus far, his side is still recording RPTRA data that filled the service.

"If all are recorded, the schedule will be made," he finished.

Reporter : Nurito | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

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