1,500 Seeds of Fish Stocked Up in Lancang Island

( Photo : Suparni /

Seribu Island Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Sub-dept gives an aid in form of 1,000 seeds of milk fish and 500 seeds of white snapper fish to a group of cultivation fishermen in Lancang Island, Pari Island.

Those seeds are spread in a park pond belongs to local urban villages that has 700 square meters wide.

"The 1,500 seeds are spread for the preservation of fish and taking advantage of the empty pool after the renovation a few years ago," said Sutrisno, Head of Seribu Islands Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security Sub-dept, Monday (5/30).

Meanwhile, Head of Pari Island Urban Village, Marta'a admitted he really appreciates the help of the seed fish. It is expected to revive the cultivation of milk and snapper fishes in the region.

"This region is famous about fishing tour. So it can add more fishing tour sites," he stated.

Reporter : Suparni | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

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