Ancol & Dufan is Still a Favorite Recreational Site

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Taman Impian Ancol, North Jakarta is still a favorite recreational site by residents to spend vacation time. Even, during this long holiday, the management side also gives ticket prices promo to the visitor.

"Taman Impian Ancol and Dufan is still a favorite recreational site for the tourist," said Corporate Secretary of PT Jaya Ancol, Gaby Tulangow, Saturday (5/7).

According to Gaby, entrace ticket to Dufan is only sold at Rp 350 thousand and has been adapted to the investment and the maintenance as well as operating costs of maintenance to ensure all rides go well and smooth. 

"Visitor just pays Rp 35o thousand to play various rides in Dufan. We also give other promos such as motorcycle with STNK photo copy is only Rp 140 thousand for once entry during this long holiday," she expressed.

According to her, promos includes annual pass system with once payment for free-entry per year in Ancol as much as Rp 330 thousand, Samudra Rp 150 thousand and Atlantis Rp 190 thousand.

For Saturday (5/7), as many as 43 thousand people have flocked to Ancol. It is decreasing than first day of holiday, which was 88 thousand and 99 thousand on second day.


Reporter : Suparni | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

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