CIty Supports Festival from Citizen Initiatives

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Jakarta Provincial Government keeps developing Betawi culture, either art or culinary. Even, they will keep supporting on festivals held by resident. 

"We'll give easiness until tax relief. It includes assistance that can be provided by regional working unit (SKPD) in accordance with main duties (tupoksi)," said Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Dept, Catur Laswanto, Monday (4/25).

According to Laswanto, culinary in Jakarta is quite varied. Thus the development and its marketing needs to be improved.

"Jakarta has many culinary variety of five class until upper class. The more we hold culinary festival, the number of tourists in the city will also increase," he disclosed.

He added, the important thing is not only promoting its taste but also health through the examination of BPOM.


Reporter : Suparni | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

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