Be Ready! The Japanese Festival “Ennichisai” Is Coming in Mei 2016

Sat. Apr 2, 2016. Japanese Festival “Ennichisai” press conference in The Hall Japan Foundation Jakarta.

Jakarta, – This is the 6th event of Japanese Festival “Ennichisai” in Jakarta. This event will be held in Blok M district known as “Little Tokyo” on 14-15 May 2016.

Ennichisai is an annual Japanese culture festival in Blok M area, South Jakarta. This year theme is “Miracle, Power of Love”.

According to the chairman of Ennichisai 2016, Daisei Takeya, ”This year, there will be more programs and performances, which make this event more exciting. Also, there will be 2 performance stages”.

Mayor of south Jakarta added Ennichisai as annual event plan in 2011. This event is the most authentic Japanese event in Jakarta. Thanks to the Japan’s Shopping District, which makes the “Little Tokyo” in Blok M more unique. No wonder, there are about 200,000 visitors come to Ennichisai each years.

There will be around 150 food stalls spread through the Ennichisai area and 2 performance stages, the traditional stage and modern stage. 

There will be Japan’s traditional performances on traditional stage such as Mikoshi (the sacred litter), Wadaiko, Eisa (Japanese drum), Shamisen, Koto, Yosakoi contest, Nihon Buyou, Oirann Douchuu, and Shishimai.

On the modern stage or Pop Culture Stage there will be modern performances. This stage is called CLAS:H. The performances are CLAS:H solo cosplay competition, Indonesia Cosplay Grand Prix (ICGP), World Karaoke Grand Prix and also many famous performers will perform on this stage. They are SAGA, Hiroaki Kato, REDSHIFT, and many more.

Japanese Embassy and Japan Foundation sponsor Ennichisai. Many people are eager to come to this event. The visitors could buy Japanese authentic and fusion culinary here. And last but not least, there is no need for entry ticket.

Writer                 : Sri Anindiati Nursastri

Editor                  : I Made Asdhiana

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