Traffic Revitalization Plan in Kota Tua Area

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Reporter : Erna Martiyanti | editor : Nani Suherni

According to Kota Tua revitalization plan by Architect Budi Lim, the passing vehicles speed in Kota Tua, West Jakarta, will be slowed down.

Fri, 4th March 2016, The head of Kota Tua manager unit (UPK), Norviadi S Husodo said, “This Kota Tua revitalization plan will use traffic calming system, which controls the passing vehicles around Kota Tua area and makes them run slowly, so that there will be no more speeding vehicles like now”.

There will be improvements other than the traffic. They are parks, river, and the street vendors improvements. “Everything will be fixed and cleaned. Start from the traffic control, lightning system, plants in landscapes, the river. The point is, after this revitalization plan, everything will become nice and beautiful” add Norviadi.

“The plan to completely close the area might be a good idea. But there is a solution for this matter. While the traffic is being completely closed, the traffic towards that area will be halted or create an en route for the vehicles. Therefore, we need to think about the bad and good results of this plan.

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