Betawi’s traditional trees will be planted in Kalijodo

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 Reporter : Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | editor : Budhi Firmansyah Surapati

DKI Jakarta Government will plant Kalijodo area with various kinds of trees including the Betawi’s traditional trees.

According to Head of DKI Jakarta Landscape and Funeral Department, Ratna Dyah Kurniati, only trees that fit with the Kalijodo terrain will be planted. For example, they have strong roots, not easily damage the roads or the buildings, and can grow on hard soil.

“Our priority is to plant local trees. Those kinds are trees for parks near river, ornamental trees, and Betawi’s traditional rare trees. The trees for parks near the river are Flamboyant, African Tulip, Calophyllum, Matoa, and Sea Mango. The ornamental trees are Plumeria, Golden Shower Tree, Tembusu, Ketapang Kencana, White Cedar, and Blackboardtree. As for Betawi’s traditional rare trees are Jambu Bol, Bael, Matoa, Rukam, and Sapodilla. These tree will be planted on all parks in Kalijodo.

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