Megalopolitan and Archipelagic Heritage of Jakarta

As a home for 10.2 million of people, Jakarta always has millions of stories to tell. Underneath its crowded streets and high rises, Jakarta has always been a warm city where big dreams are made to come true and creativities are thriving. And, on top of everything else, Jakarta always welcomes everyone with new opportunities and experiences to enjoy.

Enjoy Business

Jakarta plays a central role in Indonesian business sector. If you come to Jakarta for a business trip, you will find endless lists of great places to stay be it a luxury hotel in the central business district or a cozy boutique hotel in the southern part of the city. 

Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta

Ritz Carlton Hotel Jakarta Pacific Place 

As a culinary heaven, Jakarta offers you with various foods from across the archipelagos. You can find numerous places to eat, from fancy fine-dining restaurants, hipster cafes, to street food vendors.

Gado-gado Betawi

Soto Betawi

For you who like to mix business travel with shopping, Jakarta is definitely a place to go to. You will be delighted with the so many options of brands and products ranging from mall, local boutiques and independent concept stores across the city. Jakarta has its own platinum rule of “always mix business with pleasure and seize every opportunity with a joyful heart and happy tummy.”

Pacific Place Jakarta

Tanah Abang Textile Market Central Jakarta

Enjoy Heritage

To enjoy Jakarta’s rich heritage, visit the Jakarta History Museum, in the Old Town area, where you can learn about vast chronicle of Jakarta’s evolution.

Jakarta History Museum

Museum Attraction

Toa She Bio Temple Jakarta

Glodok Plaza

The Jakarta Theatre

The Jakarta Theatre

The Betawi people are the native inhabitants of Jakarta. A cultural village in the vicinity of Setu Babakan was created for the Betawi community to foster their arts and traditions. Here you can enjoy various attractions such as Ondel-ondel, a folk performance of giant puppets. Try Betawi’s mouth watering traditional coconut rice (nasi uduk), beef soup (soto betawi) and egg crust (kerak telor).

The Betawi People

Enjoy Archipelagos

You may want to take a short getaway from the rush of the city to warm and beautiful beaches, with clear blue skies over your head and white pearly sands under your feet. In the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu), you can enjoy all of those getaway tranquility with only 1 hour trip by a speed boat from the Marina bay in North Jakarta.

 The islands have beautiful diving and snorkeling spots, such as the Sepa Island, Putri Island, Pramuka Island and the East Petodan Island, offering you magnificent underwater sites with diverse marine ecosystems of 193 coral and 174 reef fish species. Take a visit to the Bidadari Island for a barbecue dinner under romantic starry skies. 

The Jakarta’s Archipelago

Sepa Island

So pack your bag and book your ticket now for the trip of your lifetime. Enjoy Jakarta!