Bidadari Island

Bidadari Island
Need refreshing place to relax with full of history and marine tourism? Bidadari Island is a great choice. 25 minutes from Marina Ancol, you’ll get amazing experiences.

Bidadari Island is one of resort in the Thousand Islands, it has six hectares area. Also known as Eco Resort Island, because the natural environment which keeps the ecosystem.

In the 17th centuries, Bidadari Island as a military activities under VOC and supported Onrust Island. It was built a fort and some supporting facilities to protect the Island from enemy attack.

Around the year 1800, the British attacked and destroyed some facilities on the island. However three years so on, the Dutch was return and occupied this island and rebuild the building.

In 1806, the British attacked again and destroyed everything, only a few objects has been left.

Right now, Pulau Bidadari starting to developed and become a tourism asset in the Thousand Islands. And it’s attracts tourist to visit because offers a different atmosphere, an island with full of cultural heritage and marine tourism.

What is good in there? You can find,

1.Martello Castle
Martello fort and some of the preserved cannons are the remnants of historic heritage in the Dutch colonial era.

2. Pohon Jodoh
Pulau Bidadari has a million of beauties, one of them is an old tree that has an interesting story, According to the myth, if a couple takes a photo under the tree, their relationship will be everlasting.

3. Tanduk Tujuh Belas Statue
Pulau Bidadari is surrounded by a variety of sculptures, one of them which stole the most attention is Tanduk Tujuh Belas Statue. That’s a deer statue which has 17 horns on the head and fish-shaped tail at the bottom.

3.Exploring Bidadari Island
Bidadari Island is a great place to take some photos with marine atmosphere and enjoy some supporting water activities such as snorkeling, fishing, canoe, banana boat and other activities.

4. Culinary
Culinary tourism is a part that shouldn't be missed when you visiting the island, Enjoy the most hunted traditional food, Gepuk Skewer. It's made of mackerel tuna with spicy taste. The other foods that you can try are fish pastels, talam fish cake, etc. Make sure you try all of them!


Transportation can be reached from,
• Marina Pier, Ancol (estimated tariff IDR 100.000-IDR 3000.000)
Traveling from Marina Pier, Ancol it will spend 25 minutes to Bidadari Island by speed boat.
Operational Schedule: everyday at 7 am to 4 pm

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