Colorful Kites in Jakarta International KiteFestival 2013

Various kind of traditional and modern kites will decorate the sky above National Monument (Monas) on Jakarta International Kite Festival (JIKF) 2013 on 30th November to 1st December 2013. Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office and the Le Gong Kite Society hold this festival annually to showcase local and international kites.

The Le Gong Kite Society is a group of kite enthusiasts based in Jakarta. The group was established by Indonesian stage actress Sari Sabda Bhakti Madjid, who is a kite-lover herself, in 1989. Today, the group has more than 100 members from all across the country.

The two-days event consists of kite exhibitions, competitions, and a bazaar. At least 18 countries are scheduled to participate in the international event this year. All participants are free to apply their own interpretations of the general theme onto their kites. The evaluation will be based on their compliance to the general theme, workmanship and creativity.

The Jakarta International Kite Festival 2013 would also include an exhibition, a photo session, and a kite making demonstration.