Supporting Local Farmers in Agri & Agro Festival 2013

The Indonesian agriculture sector is dominated by small family farmers, with cash crop production in particular and fruits, vegetables crops. The main staple food is rice. In 2003, contribute about 15% of the Indonesia Product Domestic Bruto and in 2009 slightly increase to about 16,3%.

According to Indonesia's Central Bureau of Statistics Agricultural Census, the number of farmers has decreased from 31.17 million in 2003 to 26.13 million in 2013. The decrease was due to the farmers professions switched to other sectors, such as trade or industry.

Therefore, to support the local farmers in the easiest possible way, Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office will hold Agri & Agro Festival 2013 at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah on 29th November to 1st December 2013. This event is an original concept to present the sectors of agribusiness and agroindustry in Indonesia, by welcoming people of all ages from different background to equally enjoy the festival.

Agri & Agro Festival 2013 is scheduled to be attended by regencies from all around Indonesia that will introduce their signature local commodities, and also welcome the foreign agricultural and agroindustrial companies based in Indonesia and/or countries of origin that will also introduce their commodities.

Not only that, this event will also have traditional arts and cultural show and culinary adventure from provinces of Indonesia. Music performances by Indonesian artists has also been scheduled to entertain all parties.

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