Conventions & Exhibitions

Capital city of the Republic of Indonesia and hub of the country’s finance, business, trade and communications, Jakarta offers a wide range of Conventions and Exhibition Facilities.  The Jakarta International Convention Center (or JICC) , to the Jakarta International Expo (JIEX) are the two largest complexes, both close to  large hotels to ensure plenty of accommodation for delegates.  

Complementing these are the many multi-function facilities in super deluxe hotels, found among others at the Shangri-La, the Hyatt Regency, Marriott, the Ritz-Carlton and a host more.    The city’s Meetings and Exhibition areas are filled year round with domestic and international Meetings, Conventions and Exhibitions covering a wide variety of topics, from automotive to furniture, handicrafts, agriculture, adventure & extreme tourism, robotics, and a whole lot more.

Below is a list of Convention and Exhibition Facilities.

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