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  • Feb 5 2015 to Feb 8 2015
    International Education Fair 2015

    This fair involves local and international educational institutions, where visitors are welcome to gather some information to help them decide which institution they would like to go to continue their studies and achieve their dreams . There are three components in this event : educational exhibition, career seminar & workshop, and demo.

    5-8 Februari 2015 | Jakarta Convention Center

    organized by : Ikatan Konsultan Pendidikan

    T. 021 7892938

    F. 021 7890647

    9 more day(s)

  • Feb 26 2015 to Mar 1 2015

    Indonesia Fashion Week is a fashion movement which is firstly initiated by Indonesian Fashion Entrepreneur and Designer Association (APPMI). This idea comes with a big main idea: make Indonesia as one of the world’s center for fashion. It’s Indonesia’s annual fashion trade event that is presenting the uniqueness of Indonesian culture through ready to wear fashion and packaged in various programs such as exhibition, fashion show, competition, seminar and workshop.

    26 Februari – 1 Maret 2015 | Jakarta Convention Center

    30 more day(s)

  • Feb 27 2015 to Feb 28 2015
    World Education Festival 2015

    This festival aims to showcase educational institutions, linking them with future career options. For this reason, this festival will invite educational institutions as well as feature companies and career talks.

    31 more day(s)

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12 Dec 2014

This annual English Olympic is held by Binus University year to year and has resounded throughout Indonesia and some neighbouring countries.

08 Dec 2014

MarkPlus Conference is an annual grand marketing event held by MarkPlus, Inc.

04 Dec 2014

Jak Jazz 2014 dengan format baru telah berlangsung dari tanggal 24 November 2014 dan berakhir pada tanggal 7 Desember 2014, dengan pengisi acara lebih dari 50 artis baik Artis Senior Jazz maupun Band Jazz pemula akan hadir ditengah-tengah masyarakat pe

26 Nov 2014

World Tourism Organization (WTO) memprediksi bahwa jumlah orang yang melakukan perjalanan akan menjadi tiga kali lipat sampai dengan tahun 2020.

24 Nov 2014

The expo will feature 100 Doraemon statues, secret gadgets and various real-life sets from the anime series.