Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is another education-cum-recreation area. Initiated by Indonesia’s former First Lady IbuTien Soeharto, Taman Mini is a huge park which in addition here also have numbers of museums.

There is also the Fauna Museum in the shape of a large Komodo dragon, the Transportation museum, and a whole lot more, besides an Imax theatre and a Planetarium. Regular cultural performances in traditional and contemporary style from around the Indonesian archipelago in drama, dance and music are held regularly in the two main theatres.

In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah there is also a large Orchid Garden, where one can find a large variety of orchid species to admire and to buy. And, for fun and family recreation, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah has built a water sports area, called Snowbay. Here is also has student hostel. Displays life- sized traditional houses from throughout all of Indonesia’s 33 provinces. Here one can admire the beautifully carved Minangkabau Rumah Gadang, the Toraja Tongkonan to the Dayak longhouses from Kalimantan and the megalithic Nias house.

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East Jakarta
(62-21) 87783530
Jl. Pinang Ranti, East Jakarta

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