Museum tekstil menampilkan koleksi yang berhubungan dengan proses pembuatan tekstil seperti alat pemintal benang, alat tenun, kain tenun, serta kain dari kulit kayu dan kulit binatang. Ada sekitar 120 koleksi benda-benda tekstil yang ditampilkan, diantara sekitar 1800 jumlah koleksi yang dimiliki.

Museum juga menyediakan sejumlah fasilitas dan aktivitas, antara lain kursus membatik, pelajaran merawat kain, serta pelatihan teknik pewarnaan alam dan pemasangan payet. Galeri batik yang baru dibuka juga merupakan daya tarik bagi turis untuk mengunjungi museum yang cantik ini.

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West Jakarta
(62-21) 5606613
Jl. KS. Tubun No. 4, West Jakarta

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Related Events

  • Oct 1 2014 to Oct 31 2014
    World Cultural Heritage Textile Exhibition

    This exhibition will show a wide range of textile and batik collection, which are the Indonesian’s ancestors cultural heritage, from Sabang to Merauke.

    On October 2014 | Museum Tekstil, Jl. KS. Tubun No.4, Jakarta Barat


    Organized by :

    UP Museum Tekstil

    T. +62 21 560 6613

    +62 21 565 4401

    332 day(s) ago

  • Aug 1 2014 to Aug 31 2014
    Batik Making Training for School Students in Jakarta Area

    This is a ground-breaking training in the batik making. This program aims at training school students as part of the efforts to nurture the love for and preservation of culture since early ages.

    On August 2014 | Museum Tekstil, Jl. KS. Tubun No.4 Jakarta Barat


    Organized by :

    UP Museum Tekstil

    T. +62 21 560 6613

    +62 21 565 4401

    393 day(s) ago

  • Jul 1 2014 to Jul 31 2014
    Enjoy Ramadhan

    In July 2014 you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Jakarta Textile Museum because you would be indulged with complete collection of Islam influenced wastra/clothing. This exhibition featuring Islamic wastra/clothing coincides with the fasting month of Ramadhan.

    Juli 2014 | Museum Tekstil, Jl. KS. Tubun No.4 Jakarta Barat



    organized by :

    UP Museum


    T. +62 21 560 6613

    +62 21 565 4401

    424 day(s) ago

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  • National Museum

    The most complete collection museum in Indonesia. Total collection recorded 140.00 units, which contain ancient statues, inscription, ceramic,  textile, historical relic and categorized by ethnography. The collection of Indonesian ceramics & etnography in this museum was the largetst and the most comprehensinve in the world.

  • Textile Museum

    Textile Museum poses wide-ranging textile related collections such as spinning tools for yarn, weaving tools, woven fabric, bark fabric and animal leather fabric. There are around 120 displayed textile objects of nearly 1,800 collections in total. The museum also provides several facilities and activities, including a batik making course, training of textile conservation, natural coloring application on textile as well as the sequin application.

    The newly opened batik gallery as a matter of fact sparks other attraction for tourists to visit this stunning museum.

  • Taman Prasasti Museum

    The museum was established on a old cemetery called Kebon Jahe Kober that has been functioned since 1795. During VOC’s occupation, this cemetery was specially provided for the noble Dutch persons and prominent officers. Later on, the cemetery was dedicated for the common Christians. The 18th cemetery has various collections of tombstones from 16th and 17th centuries.