Another favorite haunt for seafood lovers is the large Bandar Djakarta restaurant at Taman Impian Jaya Ancol where you can enjoy fresh seafood by the sea. This famous restaurant now also has a subsidiary located at the Flavor Bliss complex in BSD city, a Jakarta suburb in Tangerang.

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  • Kemang

    As the Kemang area near Kebayoran in South Jakarta is surrounded by homes of foreign diplomats and a highly cosmopolitan community, Kemang has become an urban hangout for the international crowd. Here you will find Fine Dining restaurants serving Italian, Thai, Turkish, American, Japanese, Indonesian cuisine in special surroundings, to popular clubs that stretch out to the outdoors, offering live music in the evening.

    At Kemang supermarkets you can find all sorts of foods and ingredients needed for any international cuisine.

  • Jalan Sabang

    The busy Jalan Sabang located just behind the wide Jalan Thamrin transforms itself in the evenings into a genuine food street starting 8.0 pm to 11.0 pm. every evening. The brightly lit stalls then offer Jakarta’s popular street food like nasi goreng, satay, fried duck, delicious food from Manado, gado-gado, to Chinese noodles and plenty more.

  • Muara Karang

    Looking for Seafood? Then Muara Karang is your answer. Here the various fish, prawns, crabs, squid, abalone, are all freshly caught. Besides ready cooked menu, you can also pick up your own fresh seafood and order the restaurant’s chefs to prepare the seafood to your preference.