JAKARTA, August 2014 – Oktoberfest season is approaching fast... It has been an annual event of Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta to celebrate the Oktoberfest and until now for 26 times since September 1988. Year by year the Oktoberfest became bigger and more popular. This year we call it The 26th Oktoberfest 2014 that will be held on 18 and 19 September 2014 at The Ballroom “Festzelt” Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta from 7pm until open end.

 As we know, Oktoberfest is one of the most awaited festivals in the world and since it is one of the most-attractive funfairs held more than 14 days, it always catches the attention of people around the world, especially in Munich, Germany. People eat, people drink, and they dance happily enjoying the festival. The fun, the happiness, and togetherness shared in Oktoberfest makes this festival always the top list-to-go in everyone’s calendar.

 As the experienced host, holding the Oktoberfest for many times, Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta tries to keep the authentic value of Oktoberfest event and its originality. We still keep the decoration and set up in The Ballroom with Bavaria style and ambiance. All staff is welcoming the entire guest with hospitality using traditional costume of Bavaria, Lederhosen für Buam und Dirndl für Madl. Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta serves authentic food specially imported from Germany, like Goulash Soup, Pork Knuckle, of course Weisswurst, Bretzn, Bavarian Sweets, and many more. Do not forget that the Beer must have the main attention during the Oktoberfest, therefore you can enjoy a non-stop free flow of Cold Beer during the event.

 The 26th Oktoberfest 2014 is entertained by Garmisch-Partenkirchen Musikanten, a 10-piece band directly from Bavaria, Germany, which makes the event authentically peculiar. There are many game and prizes, we also provide a rodeo bull to ride by any of you who loves the challenge, and of course we have a grand prize, 1 return ticket to Germany. For all of the excitement you will get later, our ticket price is starting only from Rp 759.000 NET per person.

 With honor, Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta presents its partners of the 26th Oktoberfest 2014, Lufthansa, Mercedes-Benz, Mama’s-Meat Delicatessen, PT. Bauer, Heineken, NOBU Bank, Illy Coffee, and Equil. This year there is also a partnership with NOW! Jakarta as our main media partner and What’s New Jakarta as the supporting media.

 We strongly recommend you to do early reservation through +6221 2351 8653 with Ms. Netty.  By all means, Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta is ready to welcome you at The 26th Oktoberfest 2014 with us.