Let’s run and get to beat by a wonderful experience by join "A spectacular 5K NIGHT RUN experience surrounded by exciting LIGHTS & MUSIC!"

Electro Run™ celebrates healthiness, uniqueness and individuality, bringing the community together to experience a five-kilometer blasting of electrifying fun.

Following the success of multitude party events and running races in the past few years, Ismaya Live and MESARACE are proudly present a new wave sportainment trend Electro Run™ in 2014.

Thousands of glowing runners are expected to be seen running on a Saturday evening JUNE 21st 2014 at Parkir Timur Senayan.


Register and go online at



Regular: Rp250k

VIP: Rp500k

So runners,



For any question about #ElectroRun you can ask us at:

- phone 0812 8334 7833 

- email info[at]electro-run[dot]com!