Two worlds will collide as Indonesia’s classic traditional saga of Wayang meets distorted guitar riffs, fast drum beats, and the electrifying hype of modern Rock music in a unique theatrical play named 

Wayang Orang Rock Ekalaya, that is scheduled to take place at the Tennis Indoor Stadium, Bung Karno Sports Complex, Jakarta on Saturday, 15th March 2014.

Wayang Orang itself is part of the wayang culture in Indonesia, based on classic sagas such as the  Mahabratha and Ramayana. While wayang golek (wooden puppet theatre) and wayang kulit (leather puppet theatre) use puppets as media to tell the story, wayang orang is  the classical Javanese dance theatre  performed by actors and actresses, hence the name wayang orang or literally meaning ‘human’ wayang. While the classic form of all wayang performances is accompanied by the traditional musical orchestra of Gamelan, the Wayang Orang Rock Ekalaya will combine this with the sound and style of modern rock.

Presented by Djarum Foundation and Titimangsa Foundation, the show will also be highlighted with advanced multimedia features, video mapping, holographic visuals, and more.

As the name suggests, this one of a kind performance will also be the media where some of the country’s most prominent rock musicians will showcase not only their musical skills but also their theatrical capabilities. Among them are Stevie Item,  guitarist of Andra and the Backbone playing as Ekalaya; Otong, vocalist of Koil playing as Arjuna; Jikun,  guitarist /rif playing as Durna; and renowned supermodel Sophia Mueller playing as Anggraeni. 

The show will also be highlighted by the appearance of some of Indonesia’s finest rock bands and musicians including Netral, Seringai, The Brandals ,Koil, /rif, Roxx, Leonardo Ringo, Candil, Bonita, Iwa K, Audi Item, and Yopie Item.
Among the twists of this special show, some properties of the classic wayang orang show will be replaced by rock music elements. For instance, bows and arrows will be replaced by electric guitars. Therefore, instead of an archery duel between Ekalaya and Arjuna, there will be a guitar shredding face off between the two warriors.

The production of Wayang Orang Rock Ekalaya also involves some of the finest contemporary artists in Indonesia with Happy Salma acting as Producer, and Arie Dagienkz as Director. Being the driving force of the performance, the musical score of the performance is arranged by music directors 

Bontel ‘Float’ and Nanang Hape which are trusted to blend rock tunes with gamelan harmonies. The audience will be indulged with some of the most everlasting hits in the realm of rock including ‘Rock n Roll’ (Led Zeppelin), ‘From Me To You’ (The Beatles), ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ (Elvis Prestley), and also some of Indonesia’s own prominent rock hits which will be presented live by a number of musicians.

The Wayang Orang Rock Ekalaya is a ‘One time Show Only’ and tickets are already on sale ranging from IDR275,000 to IDR875,000. Tickets are available at, and

More information available at:


15 Maret 2014 / Tennis Indor Senayan



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