After the successes of culinary events held in Kelapa Gading and Gading Serpong, for the first time ever, Summarecon will hold a Culinary Festival in Summarecon Mal Bekasi. Following its predecessors, this festival will be a huge culinary festive event that will hopefully be hold annually in years to come with differing concepts and themes, manifested in the featured menu, décor, to entertainment available for the participating communities, especially the people of Bekasi. Located in the West Parking Area, Summarecon Mall Bekasi, BCF offers a variety of Indonesian culinary menus that always become favourites among the people. With “Si Cepot” as the mascot, BCF means to preserve the culinary richness of Indonesia, as well as to develop the small and middle businesses and establishes Bekasi as one of the favourite culinary tourism destinations.

September 2014 | Area Parkir Barat, Summarecon Mal Bekasi, Bekasi Sentra Summarecon Bekasi, Jl. Boulevard Ahmad Yani, Bekasi 17142


Organized by :

PT Summarecon Agung Tbk

T. +62 21 2957 2888

F. +62 21 2957 2889