Non-Culinary Kiosk Will Be Built in Lenggang Jakarta Kemayoran

28 Dec 2016

The street vendor (PKL) arrangement in ex-Gg Laler area, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta continues to be intensified.

As planned, Jakarta KUMKMP Dept will add more non-culinary kiosks in the upcoming 2017 in Lenggang Jakarta Kemayoran.

Jakarta KUMKMP Dept Head, Irwandi disclosed, the 180 kiosks construction that uses corporate social responsibility (CSR) program will be inaugurated on December 29, 2016, especially for culinary vendor. Therefore, the non-culinary kiosk will be built through APBD.

"Next year, we'll build 250 non-culinary kiosks," he stated, Monday (12/26).

Further, he does not know about how much to build hundreds of these kiosks. Because, he is still calculating in accordance with the needs required field.

"If it goes according to plan, each kiosk physical construction will be commenced in April," he explained.

Aside that, his dept will spruce floor, wall between settlements with public facilities. Then other facilities such as worship place will also be built.

"It is accordance with PKL request, we'll build a mosque," he closed.

Reported by Rudi Hermawan | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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