Here Is Traffic Diversion During Car Free Night

29 Dec 2016

Jakarta Transportation Dept is prepa Here Is Traffic Diversion During Car Free Night ring traffic diversion during Car Free Night, precisely on New Year's Eve celebration. As planned, it will be imposed from Patung Kuda until Semanggi.

Jakarta Transportation Dept Head, Andri Yansyah disclosed, during Car Free Night, the concept is the same with Car Free Day. Thus there should not be a passing vehicle on a track that has been set.

"For the sake of security and safety for the passenger, traffic diversion will be imposed during Car Free Night," he stated, Wednesday (12/28).

Traffic diversion will be set for vehicle coming from north towards south side, precisely in Harmoni. Traffic from Jalan Hayam Wuruk towards Merdeka Barat will be rerouted to Jalan Juanda-Pasar Baru-Gunung Sahari or Lapangan Banteng-Merdeka Timur-Tugu Tani and so on.

Then from Veteran Raya towards Merdeka Utara will be straightened to Harmoni-Suryo Pranoto or Jalan Gajah Mada. Then from Merdeka Timur towards Merdeka Utara, will be rerouted to Jalan Perwira-Adipura Pasar Baru-Gunung Sahari or Veteran Raya-Harmoni-Suryo Pranoto or Jalan Gajah Mada.

Additionally, traffic from Tugu Tani towards Thamrin will be rerouted to Jalan Merdeka Timur-Jalan Perwira-Pasar Baru and so on. Then from Jalan Sudirman-Thamrin, will be directed back, either from west or east side or vice versa.

While from Cawang towards Sudirman, will be rerouted to south side of Sudirman-Senopati and so on or straightened to Slipi. From Slipi towards Sudirman, will be straightened to Cawang-Rasuna Said and so on.

Vehicle from south or Patimura Sisingamangaraja will be rerouted to west side of Jalan Gatot Subroto or east side towards Cawang. If traffic jam occurs around Semanggi, traffic diversion will be imposed at Senayan Roundabout, precisely from Patimura/Senopati/Sisingmangaraja towards Jl Asia Afrika-Pakubuwono and so on.

 "Then traffic from toll road will also be adjusted with the current distribution, adjusting developments in the field," he expressed.

 Andri added, traffic diversion will start at 5 PM-2 AM. The public is urged to leave the Car Free Night location at 1 AM. It will be managd by Traffic Unit Directorate personnel.

 "All will be controlled using RTMVC, thus it is hoped the people know the development of real time traffic situations," he finished

Reported by Erna Martiyanti | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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