City Has I-Jakarta Center

5 Jan 2017

A digital library service or called as i-Jakarta finally has a room for the operator or i-Jakarta Center.

Jakarta BPAD Head, Tinia Budiati disclosed that i-Jakarta is the first digital library in Indonesia. It was also emulated by other provinces. It is hoped able to attract public interest in reading. 

"The i-Jakarta user can also read, write and share this application," she disclosed, during inauguration of i-Jakarta Center, at Jakarta BPAD Building, Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan Raya, Pulogadung, East Jakarta, Thursday (12/28).

It has been launched since last June, but only this time has a room for its operator. It can be downloaded via android, IOS and desktop

Section Head of Development and Information System for Jakarta BPAD, Tonny Bago explained, the number of i-Jakarta users has touched 155,685 people. As for the number of digital book, reaching 4,149 books and 12,977 copy digital books.

"Every day, there are 3,000 digital books borrowed. Hopefully it can add more people interest in reading from Jakarta or Indonesia," he hoped.

Currently, there have been 80,000 visitors active and 145,000 visitors who have downloaded the application.

Reported by Nurito | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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